Logging in to the platform

To gain access to the platform, you need to purchase the Ripple Package. Such a package contains a set of trainings, webinars, e-books and learning aids, fully dedicated to the issues related to investing in cryptocurrencies. There are many educational packages on the market, mainly aimed at beginners who want to expand their knowledge of cryptocurrencies and investment principles.

Why is it worth buying a Ripple Package?

Each educational package contains a comprehensive compendium of knowledge about cryptocurrencies, investing in them, risk management and blockchain technology. The knowledge has been provided in a varied form, from webinars with specialists, to e-books discussing a particular issue. The included free cryptocurrency is designed to encourage participants of the courses and webinars to start investing. At the same time, the cryptocurrency is stored in a special account on the training platform, which eliminates the possibility of making mistakes by beginners or the possibility of the data contained therein being stolen.

The data needed to withdraw the accumulated amount are sent to the client by post. In a secured envelope, sent after the purchase of the package, there is a card with a randomly generated code. With its help it is possible to withdraw the accumulated cryptocurrency.


How to log in to the platform using the Card with a Code?

Customers receiving cryptocurrency are directed to the training platform website through instructions included in the educational packages. The platform allows customers to pick up cryptocurrency that has already been purchased as part of a package. Packages can be purchased over the phone or on the website, and in that case, you simply need to enter the eight-digit code provided with the package to gain access to free cryptocurrency tokens. Before doing so, however, you’ll need to make sure that the brand works with the platform.

Purchasing a Ripple Package on the platform

Purchasing a package on the training platform is extremely easy. Right now, the site offers the Ripple Starter Package and the Ripple Plus Package.

The Ripple Starter Package is an offer for beginner investors that includes the basics of cryptocurrency investing, with a focus on Ripple. The package price includes the cost of order processing. Alternatively, the Ripple Plus Package is an extended version of the standard Ripple Package. Both products come with a free Ripple cryptocurrency.

After selecting the appropriate package, press the button on the page (“Yes, I choose the PLUS Package” or “No, thank you. I choose the standard package”). The customer is taken to the order form page, where the orderer’s name, contact details and email address must be entered. After the order has been submitted, a cash-on-delivery package containing the documentation and the code card will be sent out. Electronic educational materials will be sent to your e-mail address after the package has been paid for.


How to collect the cryptocurrency on the platform?

To collect cryptocurrency, you must first pay for the Education Package. After paying for the package, the client receives a special card with a code. You need to go to the home page and click on the “Cryptocurrency Receipt” tab at the very top. A window will open to activate the code from the card.

In order to view the amount in cryptocurrency, you need to enter the eight-character code located on the card and the e-mail address provided when ordering. Then the customer’s identity is confirmed by the service, and the collected amount in cryptocurrency – paid to the specified address of the electronic wallet.

How to log into the training portal?

A card with a code allows you to log into the training platform.

This is a service that offers access to high quality materials in video form. Thanks to the transfer of knowledge in the form of webinars, many trainees can participate in the training at the same time. The average duration of a webinar on the site is 75 minutes, although there are both shorter and much longer webinars. It is also important that each webinar teaches practical skills and that the expert presenter provides practical tips.

To access the service, a login and password must be entered, which can be found on a personalised access card.  The card with the code can be ordered directly from the webinar site or together with a cryptocurrency education package and will be sent to the customer via standard mail, cash on delivery, in a specially secured package. You can pick it up only after confirming your identity and paying for the product purchase.

After entering the data from the card it will be possible to establish a login and password to the portal containing training materials. What is more, the platform in addition to working with the Ripple Package offers training in areas such as online marketing, ways to start a business on the Internet, programming, investing in securities and forex, graphic design programs and planning a budget at home.  Each webinar has been prepared in basic, advanced and professional versions, which correspond to the versions of the educational package. This means that everyone, regardless of their level, will get the right level of material. Beginners can learn the basics and when they have learnt enough, they can access the webinars for professionals – for example, advanced programming courses, analysis, training for professionals in various fields.

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