Receiving a card with a code

Ripple cryptocurrency is one of the most futuristic e-currencies. You can buy it via the Internet and store it in your own crypto-wallet account. This method is effective and proven, but it is mainly directed to professionals. Is there another way to buy cryptocurrency safely? People who don’t have much experience in acquiring and storing virtual assets can use the offline mode, a method that doesn’t require their own e-wallet account or extensive knowledge of cryptocurrency – the Ripple code card.

Ripple code as part of the package

The Ripple Packet is a service designed for novice investors who want to get started with cryptocurrencies, as well as people looking for a simple and safe way to invest.

The bundle includes educational materials such as ebooks, webinars, and trainings that will prepare in terms of practical knowledge. With them, the novice investor will be able to learn the basic and advanced principles of investing. Such knowledge will open the door to the world of cryptocurrencies and develop the ability to quickly and effectively analyze the situation on the e-money market.

As part of the package, one also gains access to free units of Ripple cryptocurrency. This cryptocurrency will be stored in a private virtual wallet account created, secured and managed by an intermediary. Only the customer will have access to the account through the Ripple card.


Offline cryptocurrency, or what is the Ripple card

An important element of the Ripple Package is the Ripple card, which is a physical version of the document confirming the ownership and management of e-money units. The Ripple code contains the login and password to a private account on the virtual wallet platform, where the units owned will be stored. These data are made available only on the Ripple card, which can be accessed only by the customer.

The Ripple card is given as a free bonus to the Ripple Package and is delivered by post. The package can be collected only by the person who purchased the package, after confirming their identity. Upon receipt, the Ripple card should be secured and stored in a dry place until you wish to sell your cryptocurrency units.

What’s more, to make sure that the customer knows how to use the purchased package, representatives of the company will send a detailed instruction by email, on how to use the Ripple Package, how to use the Ripple Code and how to check the value of the units owned.

How do I get a Ripple Card?

Each customer who purchases the Ripple Package will first receive an email with detailed instructions on how to use the package, and then by mail the Ripple Card. Access card will be sent in a specially protected package to the address specified by the customer. It can be received only after showing an ID card.

The Ripple Card will contain the so-called Ripple Code, which is the login and password to a private account on a virtual wallet, where the received e-money units will be stored. The account will be created and secured by the intermediary, but only the customer will have a login to it. Thanks to this, the client will not be obliged to set up their own e-wallet or introduce specialized protection against hackers and thieves.

In this situation, the customer will have only one task – to safely store their Ripple Card. This document should be hidden in a dry and secret place until the decision is made to monetize the units held. This action is as simple as purchasing a Ripple Package. All the customer has to do is contact the merchant, inform them of their choice and confirm access to the wallet with the Ripple Code. The units will be redeemed within a few days.

The Ripple card is a simple and secure way to store cryptocurrency, as the Ripple Code is only on the access card, making it impossible to be stolen by hackers and online thieves. Moreover, it is also an affordable way to obtain Ripple cryptocurrency, which is gaining recognition in the global investment market.


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