Cryptocurrency education packets are a popular way to purchase trainings. Recently, however, you can find opinions that this form of learning how to invest is a scam. How much is there truth in this, and how much is the actions of competitors?

]Informed decisions

Inflation is a slow but steady force that makes things cost more over time, which devalues cash assets. When money is invested, it adjusts to inflation over time, making it worth more simply by existing in the market.

A consistent, perceptive investor can set better and better financial and personal goals. Whether they are trying to save for a house, for college, or simply for a new coffee maker, investing and keeping an eye on their finances will teach them valuable knowledge about goal setting. This can easily be applied to other aspects of life as well.

Investing based on research or information you learn through the learning process can be extremely beneficial. It’s good to be informed, and investing helps you to keep your finger on the pulse and think about current events. The best reason to invest? The earlier your money is invested, the better chance it has of growing. Investing today gives money the opportunity to benefit from compound interest.

Investing money can lead to tangible benefits. Of course, there is always risk involved with investing. When you invest in the stock market, you can spread your money across different stocks, so if one falls, another can rise. The more diversified your portfolio is, the better protected you are from major declines.

Ripple packet – product characteristics

Ripple packet belongs to a group of educational packets with cryptocurrency. As with most freebies, the inclusion of cryptocurrency in the training is also intended to encourage the purchase of materials and stand out among the increasingly abundant competition. In the cryptocurrency education packet, customers get cryptocurrency tokens of a certain value in addition to access to typical courses, articles, webinars or analyses. With the free cryptocurrency, they can put into practice the investment knowledge gained from the course and cash in the tokens when they feel it is a good investment decision.

Most cryptocurrency investment packets are aimed at novice investors, usually those for whom this would be their first cryptocurrency investment. Educational training courses are designed to explain the investment process, the specifics of crypto investing, and analyze each cryptocurrency from the ground up. Focusing on the basics is the distinguishing feature of most cryptocurrency education packets. With classroom training or freely available materials from the web, cryptocurrency experts often care poorly or not at all about making their analysis accessible to someone other than other experts.

Purchase and use

The Ripple packet is a typical representative of cryptocurrency education packets. The educational materials provided are of high quality and extensively describe the issues related to investing in the Ripple cryptocurrency. An interesting fact is that after ordering the Ripple Packet, it is delivered in two ways – electronically and by regular mail. All the data concerning logging into the training platform, using the training materials and starting to learn how to invest are transferred by email to the email address provided when placing the order. Once you receive this email, you will be able to freely and without restriction use the courses and other educational materials offered.

On the other hand, you can access the free Ripple cryptocurrency tokens by picking up a packet sent via regular mail. The packet contains a Ripple Card, which contains data that allows you to get an overview of the value of the accumulated cryptocurrency and instructions on how to withdraw it. Ripple tokens are stored in the broker’s account, which is supposed to do the job of securing them while the student learns the basics of investing. Cashing out the cryptocurrency requires a phone contact – advanced investors may consider this a disadvantage, but this form of crypto storage is definitely recommended for beginners. Cryptocurrency managed in this way is safe, and you can still withdraw it at any time without fear of losing your funds in a hacking attack. This means that this way of storing cryptocurrency is ideal for people who have just purchased a training course that includes materials on the basics of investing.

Ripple packet and online reviews

This product gets various reviews from both customers and professionals. Some of them may be written by a somewhat biased audience who certainly did not understand the idea of the Packet. Others may be unfounded hearsay generated by competing companies. However, it should be noted that most of the people who have tried the Packet speak highly of it, as you can see below:

– I received educational materials and cryptocurrency … I can start learning

Nick: Mike

The intermediary sends emails late, but I don’t have to deal with crypto management, so I like it. Ripple itself has entered a bull market, so I will sell soon at a profit.

 Nick: John

 – I too have ripple currency for a few hundred and got a ripple cad, i heard back from the broker and offered some more extras but i am still waiting to see what my crypto will be

Nick: Nicki

 – it’s not that innovative because I’ve seen similar packets before, but you can’t deny their effectiveness. Buy ebooks and get crypto – anyone give anything more?

Nick: Adam

 – someone says that the starter packet is a scam… In some countries there are vouchers, in others certificates, we have access cards and it’s a nomral thing, just read! people, if you read everything on the net, documents like ripple card are the real way to store.

 Nick: David

Ripple packet and scammers

Although it’s been years since the launch of cryptocurrency education packets, these types of products still stir up quite a bit of controversy. However, it is very possible that the negative reviews are backed by… unfair competition. What are the characteristics of this much debated product and what kind of response has it received online?

Despite all the favorable content, every now and then information appears – mainly on Czech and Hungarian websites – that Ripple Packet may be a scam? Why such a belief in the case of a product collecting so much praise on industry portals? The reason may be the so-called backroom warfare, an attempt to discredit the competition.

Black PR accompanies the Ripple Packet almost from the beginning of its existence, but, interestingly, pages with negative reviews appear only … in two or three languages, which in the case of an international product is at least strange. A large campaign against the Ripple Packet started in the Czech-speaking Internet, where at one point, a number of back-end pages published almost identical, unsupported by concrete arguments posts with the headline “Ripple Packet is a scam”.

It is important to understand that although negative content appears online, it is difficult to deduce exactly what the alleged scam is about. Content often contradicts itself, citing stock photos as “evidence” or linking the Ripple Packet to known scams, despite the lack of any clue that such a link exists. Rumors of fraud may simply be part of a negative campaign against the competition. Especially suspicious is the proliferation of content copied on several or even more back-end pages advertising… well-known brokers.

Although it is theoretically possible to trace who owns a given domain, setting up a website with a fake name is extremely easy because domain selling and hosting companies do not require data verification in the case of private clients. The result? A huge amount of fake content flooding the Internet, most of which is removed not by deleting the site, but… a drop in Google ranking. The most popular search engine is, therefore, a more effective tool in the verification of content than the law, but even it has its limitations – sites that are highly ranked, and therefore “credible” in the eyes of Google (to be highly ranked a site does not have to be truly credible, but only intermingle false content with neutral) can afford to run even very harsh negative campaigns, implicitly targeting the competition.

Ripple packet still has a reputation as a trusted source of training and cryptocurrency for novice investors, regardless of the actions carried out by competitors. It is worth remembering not to give credence to everything you read online.

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