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With the accumulation of savings, the desire to invest is awakened in many people. No wonder – the money accumulated on your account only loses value due to inflation, while with the right investment you can multiply it. Education Packages with cryptocurrency help in this.

Why is it worth investing in an Education Package?

When starting an investment, it is worth acquiring specific knowledge. The basic principles of investing are quite simple. First – you should not invest money that you do not have. Only large companies can afford to deviate from this rule; in other words, those players who are either secured for the future or expect certain returns. Secondly, it is always a good idea to have a safety margin, i.e. a reserve of funds which you do not invest but only keep in case of an emergency. Third – it is good to diversify your investment portfolio. What is diversification? It is an action aimed at reducing the risk of investment, which involves engaging in several completely independent projects.

However, the most important when investing is the fourth principle, which says that you should invest only after you have been educated about the subject of investment. At the same time, it is the lack of knowledge, the inability to separate proven information from false theories, and the uncertainty about which side to start from that puts off the largest number of beginners. According to statistics, as many as 60% of people who have never invested cite lack of knowledge and idea how to start. At the same time, however, it should be emphasized that the beginnings usually only seem difficult – knowledge about investing is not secret knowledge and can be successfully learned by almost anyone.

How to start investing in cryptocurrencies?

Cryptocurrencies are certainly one of the more interesting investment options. They are relatively liquid, easy to buy online and store in a special, free wallet. They do not have a large entry threshold – it is possible to invest small amounts in most cryptocurrencies. An investment in cryptocurrencies, if it turns out to be successful, can also bring measurable profit, higher than, for example, investments in securities.

But how to start investing in cryptocurrencies? First of all, you should acquire basic knowledge about them, because investing in popular coins and tokens is fundamentally different from other forms of investment. The key to success is the right choice of the currency you intend to invest in and a systematic approach to learning how to deal with it.

Future e-money

As of this moment, there are already more than two thousand cryptocurrencies, however, most of them are considered too unpromising to produce adequate capitalization and thus entice investors. But which e-coins are considered to be promising?

There is more and more talk about so-called stablecoins, i.e. cryptocurrencies with a fixed value that is not prone to fluctuations. Their supporters are of the opinion that stablecoins are more likely to be widely accepted on the market and practically used in various areas of the economy.

The favorite of most experts, however, is the cryptocurrency Ripple, which combines the advantages of stablecoins – that is, a relatively stable exchange rate, support in financial institutions and lack of vulnerability to crises in the market – with a long-established position and a sizable capitalization. These features make Ripple already a currency considered to be the successor of Bitcoin.


Ripple Package – learning and practice

It is on the Ripple cryptocurrency that the Ripple Education Package is based, which is a specially selected set of training courses, e-books, webinars, syllabuses and study aids designed for novice investors.

The Ripple Education Package is a way to ensure you learn how to invest from the ground up. As the name of the package suggests, it focuses predominantly on investing in cryptocurrency, primarily Ripple.

The aim of the package is to accompany the theoretical learning with the practical one, therefore, along with the materials all students receive free Ripple tokens, which are used as an incentive to use the acquired knowledge in practice.


What does the Education Package with cryptocurrency consist of?

The entire Education Package is divided into two parts. The first, with the included materials, reaches customers by email. In this way, they can freely use study aids in a convenient and modern way.

The process of giving free tokens attached to the Education Package is a little different. In order to secure the currency, it is not transferred in email keys, and all the data needed to access it are sent by COD mail package. This procedure is intended to minimize the likelihood of tokens being intercepted by third parties. To access both the free cryptocurrency and the materials, you need to pick up a packet containing further instructions.

How to collect free Ripple tokens?

In addition to instructions on how to download educational materials, the package sent to the customer will contain a Ripple Access Card. This is a special document that contains a randomly generated code and password to the account where the Ripple tokens included in the package are stored.

The person holding the Ripple Access Card has access to the currently accumulated funds in the form of cryptocurrency, but in order to withdraw it, an additional e-mail verification is required. Only after giving the code from the Ripple Access Card to the intermediary and verifying the identity, the tokens can be withdrawn to the chosen e-wallet. It is recommended, however, that for security reasons you withdraw cryptocurrency only after you have mastered the theoretical basics of cryptocurrency investing, which the materials included in the package on investing and managing Ripple cryptocurrency should prepare you for.


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