Easy purchase

To claim your free units of Ripple cryptocurrency, all you need to do is purchase a Ripple Package, pick up your parcel and enjoy the accumulated currency in your broker account.

What is the Ripple Package

The cryptocurrency education package includes a set of trainings, webinars, e-books and learning aids, fully dedicated to the basics related to investments in e-money. At the moment, there are many educational packages offered on the market, dedicated mainly to beginners, interested in expanding their knowledge of this futuristic and investment principles.

The Ripple package is therefore a comprehensive collection of knowledge about cryptocurrencies, investments, risk management and the technology behind e-money. Most packages impart knowledge in an interesting form, starting from webinars with experts to e-books discussing the lessons. The extra free cryptocurrency is designed to encourage customers who have purchased the education package to start their own cryptocurrency investments.

Like most educational packages, the Ripple Package also uses an intermediary when storing cryptocurrency – the collected e-money is accumulated in a special account on the training platform, which is due to the desire to protect students from making mistakes resulting from a lack of knowledge, such as allowing the theft of the collected currency.

Cryptocurrency collection

Ripple package works with an intermediary platform through which customers can access the collected free cryptocurrency. To do this, you need to purchase a training kit as part of a cryptocurrency education package – the price includes only the collected educational materials, and you receive units in the chosen cryptocurrency for free.

It is possible to pick up cryptocurrency that has already been obtained as part of the package purchase on the Ripple Package page. Various types of bundles can be purchased from partner sites, and by choosing to purchase in this way, all you need to do is enter the eight-digit code you received with the bundle to access the free e-money tokens. Before doing so, however, you should make sure that the package provider in question works with the Ripple Package – partners usually provide a link to the site themselves, so that learners can choose or preview their cryptocurrency.


How to purchase the package?

The process of getting a cryptocurrency education package is extremely clear and simple. At this time, the site gives you the opportunity to purchase the Ripple Startup Package educational package and the Ripple Plus Package.

The Ripple Startup Package is a cryptocurrency education package that is aimed at beginning investors. It contains the basics of investing in e-money, with a particular focus on Ripple. The price of the package includes the cost of order processing, while delivery is completely free. Alternatively, you can purchase the Ripple Plus Package, which is an extended version of the standard Ripple Package. Both Cryptocurrency Education Packages come with free Ripple cryptocurrency, but the Ripple Plus package comes with more of it.

Once you get to the site and select the package you want, press the button on the page (“Yes, I choose the PLUS Package” or “No, thank you. I choose the standard package”). Then you will be redirected to the page with the order form of your choice where you will be asked to enter your data (first and last name, contact details and e-mail address, number of ordered packages). After approving the order, a pay-on-delivery package containing information related to the selected package and a card with a code will be sent by post. Purchased educational materials in electronic form will be sent to the e-mail address after payment of the package.

Receipt of Ripple code card

After paying for the package, the customer receives a special card with a code, in the case of the Ripple Package (and Ripple Plus Package) it is called Ripple Card with Ripple Code. What is the Ripple card? It’s a new way to store cryptocurrency. The Ripple Code allows you to delegate the responsibility of storing your cryptocurrency to an intermediary platform. Thus, the investor themselves do not bear the consequences in case of theft or taxation. This is an effective way for those who are not yet comfortable with managing cryptocurrencies.

In order to receive the accumulated e-money, you need to visit the website of the training platform and click on the “Cryptocurrency Collection” tab at the very top. A window will open to activate the code from the card.

In order to access the accumulated balance of the account, i.e. units of cryptocurrency and its current value, you need to enter the eight-character Ripple Code on the card and the email address provided when ordering. Next, the service confirms the customer’s identity and the collected cryptocurrency amount is paid to the provided cryptocurrency wallet address.


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